5 Quick Meal Tips for Students Studying Overseas

A trip overseas to Sydney or Melbourne is a once in a lifetime experience. It is one of the most memorable things you’ll ever do, so it’s easy to let logistics fall through the cracks. When on a budget especially, things like where and what you’ll eat can become issues you don’t plan for in advance.

For those preparing to study overseas or who are currently in Australia studying for a semester or two, here are seven quick and easy meal tips for those long days when you need to keep your energy up.

Turn a Piece of Bread into a Feast

Take a piece of bread and you can do just about anything to it. To start, there’s pizza, for which all you’ll need is a bit of tomato sauce out of a can and cheese with a handful of herbs. Toss it in a pan and voila, you have pizza bread. The best part is you can add almost anything to it and have a meal of your choosing.

The Unlimited Variety of Salad

Salad sure sounds boring, but if you get creative, a head of lettuce turns into a nearly limitless meal option. Visit one of Melbourne’s many markets and get some vegetables and fruit to create your perfect lunchtime arrangement. Any vegetables, some light meats, and a mixture of lemon juice, sugar, honey, or event nuts and berries make for a perfect mid-day meal on the go.

Noodle Mixtures on the Go

Avoid the high-sodium calorie bombs that are instant noodles. They may be quick and inexpensive, but they can wreak havoc on your health. The noodles themselves, however, are a good starter for a quick meal. Add your choice of egg, fresh vegetables or deli meats to the hot noodle soup and you have a quick easy to make meal when on the go.

Save at the Grocery Store

Shopping can be intimidating when in another country, especially when on a budget. Make sure to research your options in Sydney or Melbourne before you head out. If you are staying with a host family, go with them on their next shopping trip.

ALDI is a popular destination because of their low prices and streamlined size and layout, though you’ll need to bring your own bags. Also, make a list in advance of what you’re looking for – even if the store doesn’t have those items, your list will help you ask for assistance if needed.

Carry Health-Smart Snacks

Being in a rush can lead to some poor dining decisions. Pizza four times a week can be a quick formula for weight gain and sluggishness. Carry lightweight, health-conscious snacks in your bag at school and while exploring the city to ensure you don’t overdo the unhealthy foods. Nuts, trail mix, dried fruit, crackers, crackers, or even raw vegetables and fruit are a perfect fit for hours out of the house.

Plan Ahead and Eat Smart

If you plan ahead and prepare by researching what’s available and exploring nearby stores and markets, you can have an enjoyable, low-cost dining experience during your stay in Sydney or Melbourne. And don’t be afraid to ask for assistance from host families or fellow students who may have experience in your position trying to save money and eat healthy.

Photo Courtesy: Monkeyc.net https://www.flickr.com/photos/monkeyc

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