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One of our missions is to continuously look for, work with, and support programs that make Australia a better place. We highlight these programs and charities on our WE LOVE page and strive to encourage you to share them with your community.

One such program that Global Experience is proud to be a supporter of is Hope 4 Health. The Hope 4 Health organisation is dedicated to improving the lives of indigenous populations by providing health services and training to women in these communities.

The Hope 4 Health Story

Hope 4 Health was founded in 2006 by students at Griffith University. At the time it was run by a handful of students and has since grown to a large organisation with more than 1,000 members covering a range of different disciplines in the health services industry.

The goal of these professionals is to eliminate the inequality that exists in the health care system in so many indigenous populations. Access to quality health care, awareness of health services and clinical skills, and access to necessary medications and treatments are all part of this mission.

Since the founding of the program Hope 4 Health has expanded into a number of new areas, launching new projects such as health screenings, mental health care, and birthing kits among many others.

How You Can Help

If you are interested in learning more about Hope 4 Health, you can visit their website here and learn about their mission and what they are currently working on in the community. They also have an up to date Facebook Page with upcoming events, including their annual Jazz Dinner.

You can also donate to Hope 4 Health through their site. 100% of the donations go to work on H4H projects, or you can become a member of the organisation and stay up to date on ways to participate. As a fully volunteer run organisation, there are always opportunities for you to get involved.