Five Benefits of Being a Host Family in Sydney

In 2012, approximately 402,000 international students travelled to Australia to enrich their education and experience authentic Australian culture. And as an international destination, Australia is only becoming more popular.
In fact, the International Education Advisory Council of Australia recently reported that by 2020, they are expecting a 30 percent growth, to nearly 520,000 international students per year.
If you’ve considered becoming a host family for an international student or traveller, now is a great time to join this unique cross-cultural experience.

Why Becoming a Host Family Is an Amazing Experience

1. Sharing Australian Culture – This is your opportunity to show visitors how great Australia is – how we live, the customs we celebrate, and the values we live by. As we enter an increasingly global society, international understanding and respect are of utmost importance, and becoming a host family is your opportunity to be a cultural guide.
2. Learning about Another World – All host family-international student relationships go both ways. While your hosted student is soaking up our culture, you’ll also have the unique chance to learn about theirs. It’s a cultural bonding experience like no other.
3. Having Fun – Families who have hosted students in the past report back on how much fun the experience was. There are lots of laughs and celebration – and when it is over, most host families agree that the experience was rewarding and enriching.
4. Reconnecting with Your Community – When you’re a Sydney local, it’s easy to take every day attractions for granted. But when you host a student, you’ll reconnect with the history of Sydney, the landmarks, the beaches, volunteer opportunities, cuisine and so much more.
5. Making Friendships That Last a Lifetime – The hosting experience rarely ends when your international student says goodbye. The connections that are made are real and long-lasting. Many host families plan trips to visit their student in his/her home country, and students often revisit Sydney – and their host family – in the future.

Joining Global Experience as a Host Family

Beyond these benefits, Global Experience offers a wonderful program where we match host families with study abroad students and international travellers. In screening and coordinating the host stay, we can answer any of your questions. Plus, you can get started by registering to become a host family right on our website.
Right now an international student or traveller is waiting to be matched with a warm and inviting family in Australia just like yours. Sign up to be a host family today.

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