When’s the Best Time to Study Overseas?

There are many reasons you might want to study overseas, and there are quite a few benefits to doing so. But how do you know when the right time to take the plunge really is? While there are many different factors to take into account when making the decision about when to plan your time in another country, the best time to go really is the time that’s best for you, both in terms of your personal development and your professional goals.

When You’re Ready

If you know you want to study overseas, but the thought of being so far away from home for so long is too overwhelming, it’s probably best to give yourself some time, especially if you’re just starting University and leaving home for the first time. Your first couple of years can be essential to helping you successfully transition into adulthood, and it may be better not to rush into a huge undertaking like study overseas.

Planning around Schoolwork

Another reason to wait until you’re well-established in University is that it gives you a chance to plan your trip around the coursework required for your degree. This is why most people end up completing their overseas study program during their third or final years, and it makes a lot of sense to stick with this model in most cases.

There are also usually certain classes you’ll be required to take before you leave for a semester or year overseas, and it’s easier to make sure you’ve taken them in time if you wait until your last years.

Your Goals

If you’re really anxious to get out there and experience the world, though, there are ways to do study overseas sooner, and a lot depends on your career goals and specific program of study. More and more now, you can choose a program that caters to people with your interests and ambitions, and if you can make that fit your schedule earlier, all the better.

While it’s true that the experiences you have in your time away will impact your worldview and very likely enable you to bring more insight to the classes you take in the future, it’s best to take on something like this only when you’re not stressed by too many other outside pressures.

For all of these reasons, the third year remains the most popular option for study overseas. It’s also when most Universities are set up to accommodate these types of trips, so you’ll have the most support and can arrange to have the least burdensome course load at the same time. All of which can add up to make your study overseas experience that much more amazing and inspiring.

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