10 Perfect Reasons to Study Overseas in Australia

It’s one of the most exciting things you can do in university – spend part of a year overseas learning about a new culture and exploring a new part of the world. If you are preparing to make such a move or would like to learn more about how studying overseas will impact your life, here are 10 perfect reasons to not only consider it, but consider it in Australia.


Good Experience for Your CV


At the top of the list is experience. The time you spend in Australia is great for your future job prospects, not only because it gives you new perspective on the world, but because of the unique experience it provides and the way it stretches your education. If you can excel in a new country, you become a more attractive hire.


Discover New and Exciting Things About Other Cultures


This applies to studying in any country. The time you spend there will allow you to learn more about the cultures of that country, engaging with new people, building relationships, and trying new things well outside of your comfort zone back home.


Practice English as a Second Language


If you are learning or want to learn English, what better way to practice and develop your skills than to spend 6 months living and studying in Australia? Through both time at school and pure immersion in the culture, your language skills will develop rapidly.


Become Independent and Self-Reliant


Time overseas drives people to become better at many things, chief of which is looking out for themselves and taking initiative. Getting a part time job, going grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning, and exploring a new city in a new country – these are life changing experiences that will help you become more self-reliant in the future.


Learn About Yourself and What You Want in Life


For many university students, a big question is “what will I do next?”. How are you going to take your education and experiences and apply them to a career? Studying overseas can not only give you new perspective, but open you to new possibilities of what you can do after graduating.


Explore Exciting New Things in Australia


Australia is one of the most exciting countries to visit in the world. Not only are Sydney and Melbourne ranked among the top 5 cities in the world for international students – the surrounding areas offer countless attractions, historical sites, and cultural opportunities for those visiting, even for a short time.


See a New Culture through the Eyes of a Citizen


Living in a foreign country for even a few months is very different from visiting on holiday. The time you spend there, eating at restaurants, meeting people, and visiting cultural sites is as a resident. You’ll see the culture through their eyes.


Learn New Ways to Think About Your Studies


Studying at an Australian university is almost certainly different from studying at one in your home country. From the environment to the professors, you’ll be seeing your subject matter in a completely different way than you did back home. You never know what you will learn when perspective changes.


Make Incredible New Friends


One of the greatest parts of studying overseas is all the amazing people you meet during the process. From the host family you stay with to the colleagues and friends you connect with in classes or through a part time job – the opportunity to create new relationships is wide open.


Explore Job Opportunities Away from Home


Not only can you get a part time job while studying overseas in Australia; you can learn more about your job opportunities overseas in general post-graduation. Whether you want to explore staying in Australia for several years or another country, living in Australia for a term can really open your eyes to the options that are out there.

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